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Live.Clinic Technical Support and Training Centre

Our Training Centre

The Live.Clinic training centre allows you to schedule the type of conversation you want to have with us. We have created custom video, phone and messaging services from which to choose. This is so simple and the exact process by which your clients will chat with you once you have joined us.

"Within 30 Minutes , Your Online Consulting Business Comes to Life"

How We Help During a Training Session

Some questions that we can explore with you

1 Why should I start with sending you a Message?

If you have a quick question or just don't have the time to schedule a phone or video call, then send us a message. Whoever is available will respond and usually very quickly.

2 Why do I need to register and sign in to speak to you?

We are all about conversations. The clients you want are those that make the effort to communicate with you. We build trust and authority via conversations with you just the way you will with your clients.

3 Can you help with other aspects of my business?

Absolutely! Live.Clinic is one part of an overall sales journey. We can assist with advisory and execution services in the Digital Marketing area. We love to dig deep into what our clients are thinking for the future, that's how we came up with Live.Clinic itself.

4 Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. We provide a 14 day Free Trial. You will be up and running in a matter of minutes and we will give you lots of time to try before you buy. You can also then chat with us to make sure that what we provide is the right fit for you...and us. This is a two way street.

5 Who will I speak with on the training call?

That will depend on what information you are looking for and how you prefer to chat. We have created multiple services that you can chose from once you register and log in.

6 What if I am not sure which service to pick once i login?

No problem. Just pick Message and ask away. We can direct you once we have an idea of what you are looking for.

Let us show you how to integrate the platform into your existing website

Connect with us Today!

Book a session via video, phone, or message with us


Pre Registration Question via message

  • Thinking of trying us out, send us a Message here and we will respond usually within minutes

Technical Questions via video

  • Let’s chat technical stuff, schedule with Jason or Jeff

Business Discussion via video

  • Let’s chat about how to grow your business, ascend client relationships, even disrupt your vertical, schedule with Carl or Jason

Old School Chat via phone

  • When Messaging and Video is not good for YOU. Sometimes the internet just doesn't keep up, no worries, let's talk the old way.

Demonstration via video

  • Book a video call with Jason or Carl to get a demonstration of the Platform before you actually decide to create your own site.

How To Questions via video

  • Book a video call with Jason or Carl to explore how to make the most of your existing site. We can review what you have done so far and really make it shine!

How Live.Clinic Training Works

Follow These Simple Steps to Book a One-On-One Training Session


Get started with our platform by clicking the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner. There is no fee to sign-up!

Schedule Appointment

Once in the application, select your preferred communication service and select an available time slot with the recommended Live.Clinic trainee. For messages, a time slot is not needed and we will typically respond in minutes.

Have that Conversation

If you choose to send us a Message, you can do so immediately. If you choose one of the Phone or Video services, then log back in at that time and we will chat and you will see the Upcoming Appointment in your Dashboard.

Consultation Summary

We will provide a written summary of your consultation that`s available for your viewing at any time and you can access any documents we have shared. You are now a member of Live.Clinic and you have access to us anytime through this login.

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Meet the Live.Clinic Team

We are extremely pleased with the development of Live.Clinic and look forward to working with you and bringing it to the next level

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Jason Warnock
Live.Clinic Founder Live Clinic Training | Sales | Support Center

With 20 years experience in product design, Jason has lead several major products to market from the conception to implementation. Live.Clinic is our next masterpiece!

Image Description
Jeff Hulshof
Live.Clinic Founder Live Clinic Training | Sales | Support Center

With over 15 years in software engineering, architecture, product design, and UX design, Jeff brings our technology to life!

Image Description
Jason Fairfield
Partner Live Clinic Training | Sales | Support Center

With over 20 years in marketing technology, strategy, and implementation, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge around marketing, technology and consumer implementations.

Image Description
Founder Live Clinic Training | Sales | Support Center

Carl brings a wealth of marketing experience to Live.Clinic with over 20 years in the business and a real passion for deep dive strategy and marrying technology to business opportunities.